rTMS equipment: MagStim Rapid2 and Deymed DuoMag 


In our practice, we have been carrying out  rTMS in the treatment of depression for a long time now. There are two devices that we work with. Below the two types of devices are described. If you are interested to apply rTMS in your own practice, please contact us for advice, a rTMS course  or a quotation for the following equipment. Both systems are medical CE approved. 

 rTMS bij depressie - apparatuur



What is rTMS?

rTMS stands for Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or repetitive magnetic brain stimulation. When applying rTMS, a coil is put at a particular location on the head. In this coil a strong magnetic field is generated. This field is then converted into pulses which exit the device through the coil. The pulses can easily penetrate through the skull and reach the brains. These pulses can, because they are strongly magnetic,  stimulate certain sections of the brain and can reinforce communication in certain functional networks. rTMS is for example used in the treatment of depressive symptoms. For more literature about rTMS, click here. You can find more information about rTMS in practice here.




To be able to carry out rTMS, rTMS equipment is necessary. We have two in our product catalog.  

These we both use in our own practice:


Deymed DuoMag rTMS stimulator

MagStim Rapid2



More information?


If you have further questions, you want more information or a quotation for equipment, please contact us. We also provide training for the use of rTMS. In our course calendar you can find when it takes place.