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Brainclinics is specialized in personalized medicine, applied neuroscience and neuromodulation techniques such as rTMS and Neurofeedback and is involved with scientific research in these fields. We also regularly provide courses and workshops on these topics. On this section of the website you can find different products that are used in applying these techniques in practice. Since we are often asked advice about different products and because we would like to share our experiences, we have provided more information on these pages about different types of equipment and products, which can also be ordered here.


Furthermore, under Neurofeedback Resources you can find several downloadable resources from different studies we conducted such as BioExplorer designs, meta-analytic data etc.



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Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine aims to apply the most effective treatment for the patient at the right time, based on a personalized assessment. To apply Personalized Medicine, Brainclinics uses of applied neuroscience techniques such as the QEEG combined with neuropsychological tests (IntegNeuro). These data allow us to further personalize treatments. Brainclinics can advice and facilitate these QEEG diagnostic labs and IntegNeuro set-ups worldwide.


For the website from Psychology Practive Brainclinics / neuroCare Group on rTMS and Neurofeedback treatment, also click here.

Information about ordering products can be found here.