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Clear-Gel Conductive Gel

Highly conductive electrolyte gel specially formulated for use with waveguard- Cap based electrode placement systems.
Jar 500gr
€       29,95
Product number  7030 



Double Adhesive Rings Small

Two sided adhesive disk holds electrodes in place.

13 x 5mm (small)

Box of 500
€       32,95
Product number   7003 


Double Adhesive Rings Large

Two sided adhesive disk holds electrodes in place.

20 x 8mm large

Box of 500
€       32,95
Product number   7004     


WaveGuard cap Small, Medium or Large

€     1.500,00

Product number  S - 7023 (yellow)                                   
Product number  M - 7024   (red)                                 
Product number  L - 7025  (blue)




V-shaped stickers (electrode washer)

Single-sided adhesive washer secures electrodes and sensors.
100 per pack.
€       32,95 
Product number   7007  



Nuprep Skin Prep

EEG and ECG skin Prep.

Tube 4oz
€       19,50
Product number   1019 



Skin Prep Gauze

Non-sterile multi-purpose cotton gauze squares.
100 per pack
€      8,95

Product number   7009   



Alcohol Skin Prep Pad

Cotton Prep pad with Alcohol. Single packed

200 per pack
€     9,95 
Product number   7010 



Syringe, 10cc, Sterile Luer-Lok (100/pk)

Sterile single use syringes.
100 per pack

€       42,50
Product number   7011 



Blunt needle - Dispenser tips

Fits standard Luer-Lok syringe. Used for dispensing gel into electrodes.

50 per pack
€     18,50
Product number   7012



Quik-Cap Bypass Hangdown (Cup) Electrodes (non-cephalic and ECG)

1.5 meter lead that terminates into 1.5mm female DIN connector. Plugs directly into headbox

8 mm with hole

€       49,95
Product number   7021 



Quik-Insert Electrode, 1,5 lead sintered

Quik-Cap bypass (insert) electrode terminates into 1.5mm female DIN connector.
Comes with electrode holder and "O" ring.
€     49,95
Product number   7022



O-Ring Series Replacement Rings for Quikcap

To secure the Quik-cap electrodes

100 per pack


€       12,50
Product number   7032 



Tubular bandage

A stretchable tubular elastic net material used to help hold electrodes in place.

 (25m) size 6
€       23,50
Product number   7006




1081FG EDA Finger Electrode (pair)

€       104,95 
Product number   7026 


Cotton buds - Single ended - Wooden orange sticks

6” non-sterile wooden cotton tip applicator.

€       6,95 
Product number 7029           



Foam Head

To display and dry the Quik-cap
€      29,00
Product number 7031



PX-40 Earphone pads (2pcs)

To replace the earphone pads on the Sennheiser headphone that is used with the BRC QEEG lab

€     4,50 
Product number  7033