Neuropsychological tests: IntegNeuro

IntegNeuro ™ is a user friendly, fully computerized neuropsychological test battery. IntegNeuro provides an individual cognitive performance profile. The obtained data are compared with the International Brain Database of Brain Resource Company currently dates contains more than 20,000 people. This neuropsychological test battery is available in Dutch, English, Spanish and Hebrew.

An intuitive touch screen monitor is combined with simple task instructions, which allows these neuropsychological tests to assess people aged 6-96 years. Full automation ensures a reliable and replicable test results and clear reporting. The validity and reliability of these tests is assessed as well and published in an international scientific journal.


IntegNeuro ™ is ideal for obtaining an individual cognitive profile for a wide range of applications (see also the BRC IntegNeuro product brochure for more details, or the sample reports below), including neuropsychological assessment, evaluation of the effectiveness of (pharmacological) treatment, memory clinics (memory clinics), follow-up of geriatric patients, diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia, etc.


Cognition reflects 'real world' features such as sensory-motor, memory, attention, language and planning capacities. The IBM touchscreen provides a comprehensive analysis because any contact with the screen will be captured and becomes important additional information about the performance of the client in the response times and variability of responses, above the old paper-and-pencil tests. As a result, IntegNeuro is able to the pick up subtle cognitive problems and / or differences by the use of the touchscreen.


In addition, the tests run automaticly and this provides a standardized reporting of test results. In total, the test battery consists of 13 sub-tests which in total takes about 60 minutes.




Motor tapping

The subject is required to tap in a circle with the index finger of each
hand, as fast as possible.

Reflects: Hand-eye coordination and fine movement speed (manual dexterity).


Choice reaction-time

One of four circles lights up and the subject has to tap the lit
circle as quickly as possible.

Reflects: Reaction time to stimulus, vigliance.




A circle lights up for 1 to 12 seconds, subsequently the subject is required to indicate the correct duration.

Reflects: Ability to accurately estimate time



Span of Visual Memory | Corsi Blocks

The subject is required to press a series of squares on the screen in the order in which they previously lit up.

Reflects: Spatial working memory capacity.



Only available in English

Spot The Real Word

A real word is presented simultaneously with a nonsense word. Select the real word.

Reflects: Language comprehension and estimation of premorbid Intelligence Quotient.



Digit span

The subject is presented with a sequence of digits and has to repeat them in either forward or backward order.

Reflects: Numerical working memory capacity.



Memory Recall and Recognition

The subject has to recall a set of words after various time intervals and later recognise the words from a list of repeated and new words.

Reflects: Ability for new auditory-verbal learning, recall and



Verbal Interference

The subject is required to name the colour a word is written in,
and not read the actual word.

Reflects: Ability to suppress unwanted, well-learned automatic


Word Generation 

The subject is required to say as many words as possible (in 1 min.) which start with a given letter.

Reflects: Verbal fluency.



Switching of Attention | Trailmaking A + B

Numbers and letters are connected in various
sequences. Reflects: Ability to shift the course
of ongoing mental activity, attention.


IntegNeuroTM is the Psychometrics test battery, added with these 4 tests below  


Emotional recall and recognition

A series of facial expressions displaying different emotions
is presented. The subject is required to process and rate the emotions.

Reflects: Emotion recognition.



Visual working memory


A series of letters is presented on the screen one by one. The subject is required to press a response button if the same letter appears twice in a row, and at no other time. Reflects: Sustained attention and working memory.



Executive maze


A dot-based maze is presented on the screen. Using a button box, the subject is required to find (by trial and error) a hidden path through the maze. Reflects: Planning, error correction, visuo-spatial learning and memory.



Go–No Go


The colour of the word ‘PRESS’ is
presented randomly in either red or green. The
subject is required to press the response button
only when one sees the word ‘PRESS’ in green
but not in red. Reflects: Capacity for suppressing
well learned, automatic responses.


Extra information:

  • Malingering test is withheld and will be assessed random within the test battery
  • "Spot the real word" and "Word Fluency"  are tests that are only available in English


Price informaton:

The price of the Integneuro touchscreen is 1.600 euro (incl headphone, bracket, manual and software). When using it, you pay a fixed amount per report.

For furher information and availability of IntegNeuro please contact us.
Ask for special rates IntegNeuro for scientific research!



Download information and sample reports (click SAVE and then OPEN):

Standard report IntegNeuro

IntegNeuro demonstration: download, unzip and run IntegNeuro_demo.exe

For an interesting overview of all the correlations between these tests and neurophysiological variables such as QEEG (quantitative EEG), HRV, etc. MRI based on the International Brain Database download

For an extended user manual including detailed information about the tests and literature download this file (14MB).

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