Below find a selection of TV items and other media appearances of Research Institute Brainclinics


2014: De Volkskrant


2014: Nature


2010: NOS 8 O'clock news 

Burnout visible in the brain

2006: De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD)

Item about 'Real-Life' Neurofeedback study to enhance Golf performance


2010: Een Vandaag
Brainclinics: Revolutionary approach


2013: Various media covering our sunlight & ADHD link
LiveScience, WebMD,, ScienceDaily


2008: RTL Editie NL: Depression? Magnet-therapy!

Show covering our rTMS approach for the treatment of depression.


2008: RTL Editie NL: Brainwave as a treatment. 

Item about Neurofeedback as a treatment of ADHD