Welcome to our new Brainclinics initiative, 'Brainclinics Insights'. 

Brainclinics Insights is our new publishing division where we will publish books, interactive books (iBooks) and other innovative educational materials related to the expertise we have gathered at Research Institute Brainclinics. 


'Neurofeedback: How it all started': The history of neurofeedback

Neurofeedback offers exciting potential for understanding the brain and human behavior as well as the treatment of epilepsy and ADHD. Its rich history, from the discovery of the EEG in 1875, via the beginnings of the field of neurofeedback in 1936, to the foundation of the clinical application in the summer of 1969 is finally brought to life. 
It's a compelling read, often from an eyewitness account, in which we meet an eccentric Wallstreet millionaire, a telepathy-inspired psychiatrist, a Soviet scientists' encounter with Stalin, A British Baron, a former street gang member and a group of forward thinking West Coast scientists. Discover how they all played a vital role in shaping the future of neuroscience and neurofeedback.

This first book by Brainclinics Insights  will be launched March 14th at the AAPB meeting in Denver (US) and is called: Neurofeedback: How it all started, by Martijn Arns and Barry Sterman. The hardcover book will have over 240 pages, and have an introductory price of 85 euro (excl. shipment, importation etc). Below a photo with the celebration of the finalisation of the book taken in Beverly Hills with Martijn Arns and Barry Sterman, the 2 authors of the book. The table of contents can be found below as well.

For pre-orders please send an email to Martijn Arns.



Table of Contents:

Preface: Maurice (Barry) Sterman
  1. Chapter 1: How did I get here: Maurice (Barry) Sterman
  2. Chapter 2: History of the EEG
  3. Chapter 3: History of the EEG in the US 
  4. Chapter 4: Sleep as an active process and discovery of the Basal Forebrain
  5. Chapter 5: Early reports on conditioning of the EEG 
  6. Chapter 6: Joe Kamiya
  7. Chapter 7: The discovery of SMR
  8. Chapter 8: Discovery of Slow Cortical Potential Neurofeedback and the Tübingen group 
  9. Chapter 9: The summer of ‘69: From the Biofeedback Research Society, Claude Bernard Club to AAPB
  10. Epilogue: Modern Times
  11. Appendix: Barry Sterman’s original PhD introduction and bibliography
  12. Literature: Other sources used in the book
  13. Literature list: All references from Sterman 
  14. Index