Hartmut Heinrich



I am a researcher at the Dept. of Child & Adolescent Mental Health (University Hospital of Erlangen) and a neurofeedback trainer at the kbo-Heckscher-Klinikum in Munich. In recent years, we conducted several studies on neurofeedback in ADHD demonstrating clinical efficacy and specificity for slow cortical potential and theta/beta protocols. Now, I think it is time for new developments in order to optimise and individualise the training. My further research interests are on attentional and inhibitory processes in ADHD and on prenatal risk factors and brain development using multi-level designs.


The cooperation with Brainclinics gives me the opportunity for more and stimulating exchange and to analyse large datasets. Applying advanced signal processing and pattern recognition methods brings me back to where I started doing EEG research.


Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Hartmut Heinrich

Kinder- und Jugendabteilung für Psychische Gesundheit 
Schwabachanlage 6 und 10 
91054 Erlangen