Applied Neuroscience into ADHD, sleep and Depression.


Research Institute Brainclinics, founded in 2001 and based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, is specialised in applied neuroscience with a focus on mood, concentration and sleep problems as often seen in psychiatric disorders such as Depression, ADHD, OCD, and insomnia. Furthermore, Brainclinics is specialised in research into neuromodulation techniques such as rTMS, tDCS and neurofeedback, personalized medicine, Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), chronobiology, sleep and the circadian system.

Under the same name, Psychology Practice Bainclinics was established in 2006. Since 2014 Psychology Practice Brainclinics has become part of the international neuroCare Group with clinics in Nijmegen, The Hague, Munich, Sydney and other locations. In the Netherlands the clinics in Nijmegen and The Hague now operate under the name neuroCare Netherlands and more information can be found on the neuroCare website.



For the website from Psychology Practice Brainclinics / neuroCare Group on rTMS therapy (brain stimulation) in depression and Neurofeedback treatment in ADHD, also click here.

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Psychologenpraktijk Brainclinics: Behandeling en therapie van ADHD (neurofeedback), Depressie (rTMS) en slaapproblemen Research Institute

Are you looking for more scientific background on neuromodulation techniques such as rTMS and Neurofeedback or quantitative EEG (QEEG), or do you want to know more about our ongoing studies (iSPOT with ADHD or depression, or sleep studies), look at our research institute.


Psychologenpraktijk Brainclinics: Behandeling en therapie van ADHD (neurofeedback), Depressie (rTMS) en slaapproblemen EEG Support and neurosupplies 

As professional looking  for advice and support on equipment, products and supplies for your QEEG / EEG lab, rTMS or neurofeedback? Look at EEG Support and Neuro Supplies


Psychologenpraktijk Brainclinics: Behandeling en therapie van ADHD (neurofeedback), Depressie (rTMS) en slaapproblemen Community

In the Brainclinics community you can register yourself and become a member and thereby gain access to our many scientific publications, powerpoint presentation and other educational materials.

 Education for professionals

Are you, as a professional, looking for training in the field of neurofeedback, rTMS, QEEG or sleep and chronobiology, look at Brainclinics Education / neuroCademy

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Healthy participants wanted to NCG-TMS study
Ben jij gezond en tussen de 18 en 60 jaar en wil jij helpen hersenstimulatie bij depressie effectiever te maken? Brainclinics zoekt momenteel gezonde volwassenen voor een onderzoek naar Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS ofwel NCG-TMS

Combined rTMS-psychotherapy effective treatment for depression
Nijmegen (The Netherlands), November, 16th 2017 – Magnetic brain stimulation (rTMS) combined with concurrent psychotherapy seems more effective, then either alone, as was just published in the international journal ‘Brain Stimulation’ based on a study in 196 patients. After an average of 21 sessions, 66% of patients with treatment resistant depression responded well to treatment, with a lasting effect after 6 months in 65% of this group.