Vera Kruiver

Educational Scientist- rTMS, EMDR & Neurofeedback Specialist BCN


In 2008, I graduated from the university of Amsterdam as an orthopedagoog (educational scientist). In my last year of study, I worked as a trainee at the 'Pedagogische Praktijk Tiel'. This private practice offers pedagogical and psychological assistance for emotional, behavioral and learning problems of children, youthfuls and young adults. After my traineeship I continued working at this practice and I gained much experience with diagnostic research and cognitive behaviour therapy. Besides that I worked at a special education school for young people with learning problems, the Merewade college in Gorinchem.


My interest in neurofeedback has brought me at Brainclinics and as of 2010 I am operative at Brainclinics as a therapist. I am specialized in rTMS for the treatment of depression, Neurofeedback for the treatment of ADHD/ADD and insomnia and EMDR for the treatment of traumatic events. These innovative techniques are offered in combination with psychotherapy.


Vera Kruiver
Educational Scientist, rTMS, EMDR & Neurofeedback specialist BCN

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