Rik van Dinteren

Research coordinator iSPOT studies in The Netherlands - PhD Candidate


I graduated as a neuropsychologist in 2007 at the university of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After my graduation, I started working as a clinical psychologist and quickly discovered that the science behind the psychology was more interesting to me.


When I got the opportunity to work on a big international study (iSPOT) I seized it with both hands. Currently, I'm the coordinator of the Dutch part of this study. I even have the opportunity to further expand my interest in research by doing my own research. In my PhD project I'm investigating relations between brain activity and cognitive functions, like attention, information processing and working memory. More specifically, I'm studying event-related potentials (ERP), which is brain activity measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) and locked to an event, such as a stimulus. Herein, I try to map the effect of aging on a specific component within the ERP, called the P300.


Drs. Rik van Dinteren
Researchcoordinator - PhD Candidate

Research Institute Brainclinics 
Bijleveldsingel 34
6524 AD Nijmegen
Tel: +31 (0)24-7503505