Masterclass Neuromodulation and Personalized Medicine

QEEG, ERP, rTMS, Neurofeedback


Speakers: Martijn Arns, Berrie Gerrits, Rik van Dinteren & Vera Kruiver

This course is not planned for 2016, stay tuned for 2016 workshops and masterclasses.

We proudly announce a new Masterclass Neuromodulation and Personalized Medicine in our Brainclinics workshop series with Martijn Arns, Berrie Gerrits, Rik van Dinteren and Vera Kruiver. This 2-day masterclass is intended for researchers and clinicians interested in an update on the most recent developments in neuromodulation techniques such as rTMS, tDCS and Neurofeedback, specifically in ADHD, Depression and OCD. Furthermore, during this masterclass the most recent developments and overviews of Event Related Potentials (ERPs), especially the P300 will be presented by Rik van Dinteren, the relation between Default Mode Networks (DMN) and EEG cross-frequency coupling variables by Berrie Gerrits and new clinical insights by Vera Kruiver.
During this year's workshop there will be a special focus on covering the most recent results and insights from the milestone personalized medicine studies such as iSPOT and EMBARC. The first results from iSPOT in 1008 Depressed patients and 336 ADHD patients using various imaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, ERPs) are being analyzed and published throughout 2014, with replication studies following. The EMBARC study is a similar initiative in depression focused on identifying imaging predictors of treatment outcome expected to have first results by the end of 2014. 

This course is accredited  by: NVVP (12pnt), FGzP (13pnt) and BCIA recertification credits
Dr. Martijn is director and researcher at Research Institute Brainclinics and is affiliated with Utrecht University (Dept. of Experimental Psychology). Drs. Rik van Dinteren and Berrie Gerrits are PhD candidates at Research Institute Brainclinics and affiliated with the Radboud University. Drs. Vera Kruiver is affiliated with Psychology Practice Brainclinics.
Recommended reading material (download from our community):
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Day 1: Friday
9.30 Welcome and introduction (Dr. Martijn Arns)
9.45 Update on neuromodulation treatments: rTMS in OCD, tDCS and other disorders (Dr. Martijn Arns)
11.00 Coffee break
11.15 Can we predict treatment outcome in ADHD and Depression? Update from the iSPOT and other studies: I (Dr. Martijn Arns)
12.30 Lunch
13.30 New insights from clinical practice: rTMS in OCD, maintenance and protocol optimizations: I (Drs. Vera Kruiver)
15.30 Coffee break
15.45 New insights from clinical practice: rTMS in OCD, maintenance and protocol optimizations: II (Drs. Vera Kruiver)
17.30 Discussion, Evaluation and closing of the day
Day 2: Saturday  
9.30 The Default Mode Network (DMN): An introductory account on associated behavioral correlates, its role in pathology and relation with other Networks (Drs. Berrie Gerrits)
10.30 The DMN EEG validation study, a work in progress. Possible interventions for improving DMN flexibility. (Drs. Berrie Gerrits)
11.00 Coffee break
11.15 Event-Related Potentials (ERP): Ageing, neuropsychological aspects and treatment prediction (Drs. Rik van Dinteren)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Can we predict treatment outcome in ADHD and Depression? Update from the iSPOT and other studies: II (Dr. Martijn Arns)
15.30 Coffee break
15.45 An update to Neurofeedback in ADHD and Insomnia (Dr. Martijn Arns)
16.45 From structure to network function and connectivity: New insights into Depression (Dr. Martijn Arns)
17.30 Discussion, Evaluation and Closing

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