Brainclinics has been involved in the following Media, Events, courses and other productions:




Dutch: Article in newspaper Tubantia  on February 18, 2012 on page 5-6







Martijn Arns

Release of the 'Handboek Neurofeedback bij ADHD'  available in most Dutch book stores.


Martijn Arns

Symposium during the IPEG (Phamaco EEG) conference: EEG Based Personalized Medicine. Download powerpoints here: 'An investigation of EEG, Genetic and cognitive markers of treatment response to antidepressant medication in patients with major depressive disorder: A Pilot study'


Martijn Arns

Workshop tijdens de ISNR 2010: QEEG and Neurofeedback in ADHD: From diagnostics to treatment - Historical context, current state and future directions. Click here to download the powerpoints


Martijn Arns, Marleen Bink, Nicholas Lofthouse & Leslie Sherlin

ISNR Invited Panel presentation 2010:Current status of neurofeedback as an intervention for ADHD: Current status, results from two randomized controlled studies, one with sham condition, and the ISNR adopted position paper on the use of neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD. Click here to download the powerpoints



Item on national Television in 'Een Vandaag' covering rTMS in Depression and Neurofeedback in ADHD. See the following linkfor more information.



Artikel van 2 pagina's in de Volkskrant over Neurofeedback bij ADHD (9-7-2010): 'Zonnetje brengt de hersenen in het gareel'.


June 11-12

2-day workshop Neurofeedback for Autism*:
Scientific developments in the treatment of Autism with Neurofeedback.
By Rob Coben & Mirjam Kouijzer


May 27-28-29

3-day rTMS-course: rTMS for depression and new developments
The course is for academics who want to use the technique of magnetic brain stimulation  (rTMS) combined with cognitive behavourial therapy. 


van Luijtelaar,
van den Bunt, Keijsers & Arns

Diverse media uitingen over onderzoek: 'Burn-out voor het eerst in hersenen zichtbaar" in o.a. de Gelderlander en op het NOS Journaal van 6 uur en 8 uur.



Maart 2010 Artikel in de Quest over de behandeling van depressie met rTMS



Februari 2010 Artikel over Neurofeedback in het populaire "Psychologie Magazine"



Februari/maart 2010 Artikel over rTMS therapie bij depressie in het magazine GezondPlus



16 Januari 2010 Open dag bij Brainclinics.  Deze dag was zeer drukbezocht en als zeer positief bevonden door de bezoekers.









Brainclinics Groot artikel in de Gezondheidsbijlage van De Brug: "Gesprekstherapie en rTMS effectief bij depressiviteit"

 Brainclinics Artikel in het Financieel Dagblad (Entrepreneur): Productontwikkeling Brainclinics over rTMS behandeling bij Depressie.

Martijn Arns, Werner van den Bergh & Jay Gunkelman Workshop during the ISNR 2009 Indianapolis: "QEEG Interpretation: Review of Models and the 2-Dimensional EEG Vigilance-Brainrate model"

Martijn Arns Presentation during the ISNR 2009 Indianapolis: "Neurofeedback treatment in ADHD: A Meta-analysis of the effects on Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity: Level 5 Efficacious and Specific"

Desiree Spronk

 Presentation during Neuromanipulation Symposium: "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: An introduction"

Martijn Arns Personalized Medicine workshop in Sydney - Australia


Item in RTL News: "Magneettherapie tegen Depressie". Click on the RTL logo to see the item.

Brainclinics January 17th Brainclinics Nijmegen held an Open Day with more then 250 attendees!


Arns, Gunkelman, van den Bergh & Fekkes QEEG and Personalized Medicine workshop, November 2008.

Brainclinics Article in Intermediair: "Magneten tegen Depressie" on rTMS in the treatment of Depression

Brainclinics on national TV:  RTL4 Editie NL: Depressie bestrijden met magneten: Magneettherapie. Click on the RTL logo to see the item.

Brainclinics in de uitzending van RTL4 Editie NL: Depressie bestrijden met magneten: Magneettherapie: KLIK HIER voor het fragment   

Martijn Arns Chairman Symposium: EEG based Personalized Medicine during the IPEG meeting, Rouffach (France) with Martijn Arns (EEG Phenotypes predicts treatment outcome to stimulants in ADHD), Kylie Barnett (EEG Susceptibility markers in Personalized Medicine for Depression and ADHD), Daniel Hoffman (Referenced-EEG (rEEG) guided medication selection for psychotropics) & Desiree Spronk (QEEG based rTMS treatment for Depression: Efficacy and Treatment Effects on QEEG and Neuropsychology).

Desiree Spronk Presentation "QEEG based rTMS treatment for Depression: Efficacy and Treatment Effects on QEEG and Neuropsychology" during the ECNS / ISNIP meeting in Frankfurt (Germany).

Martijn Arns
& Rob Coben
Panel during the ISNR meeting (San Antonio, Tx, USA): "Understanding Learning Dissbailities: Dyslexia"

Martijn Arns Presentation "QEEG based rTMS treatment for Depression: Efficacy and Treatment Effects on QEEG and Neuropsychology" during the ISNR meeting in San Antonio (Tx, USA).

Brainclinics Brainclinics demonstrates Neurofeedback on National Television: Editie NL (RTL4): "Hersengolf als Medicijn" Click on the RTL logo to see the item.

Brainclinics demonstreert Neurofeedback in uitzending van Editie NL (RTL4):   

Martijn Arns Frontpage article in De Spits: "Hersengolftherapie ofwel Neurofeedback populair"  

Hersengolftherapie ofwel Neurofeedback populair


Martijn Arns
& Desiree Spronk

Brainclinics on Televion in the VARA program 'Factor Giel' 

Brainclinics te zien in VARA uitzending van 'Factor Giel' : KLIK HIER voor het fragment  

Sabine de Ridder Presentation during the SAN scientific meeting in Sevilla: The Effects of Neurofeedback in Dyslexia

Martijn Arns Presentation during the SAN scientific meeting in Sevilla: QEEG based rTMS treatment for depression: Efficacy and Treatment Effects on QEEG and Neuropsychology

Desiree Spronk

Presentation during the SAN scientific meeting in Sevilla: Comparison of Discrete-trial based SMR, SCP and GSR Training and the Interrelationship Between these Measures: Implication for BCI and NFB

Sabine de Ridder Presentation for the NIP Neurofeedback section: Neurofeedback in Dyslexia

Brainclinics Article in local newspaper De Gelderlander: "Brainclinics, bijtertje in de zorg"

Brainclinics Article in local newspaper De Gelderlander: "Brainclinics  opent nieuwe vestigingen"

Brainclinics Articlle in local newspaper De Gelderlander: "Brainclinics in race Koning Willem 1-prijs"


Nominatie Koning Willem I prijs op TV Nijmegen


Brainclinics Brainclinics wins FD Gazellen award for fastest growing companies: FD Gazelle 2007

Martijn Arns Brainclinics in news item at the German Television WDR: Macht Telefonieren mit dem Handy blöd?

Martijn Arns Brainclinics in several media coverage by De Telegraaf,, AD, Volkskrant, FD, Trouw, BNR, Teleac regarding Mobile Phone study

Martijn Arns Interview with Hoe?Zo! Radio regarding mobile phone study (In Dutch; > 50 MB)

Martijn Arns, Rien Breteler, Mathanje Huisman, Martin van Beek & Aukje Bootsma Organisation of International Scientific Conference: Applied Neuroscience, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Jay Gunkelman Advanced QEEG course with Jay Gunkelman, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Martijn  Arns Advanced 2 day-QEEG and Personalized Medicine workshop in Sydney, Australia. Powerpoint available here.

Marco Congedo Workshop on LORETA and sLORETA: Nijmegen

Martijn Arns Article "Psychologie Magazine" March 2006

Martijn Arns Golf Real-life neurofeedback Article "De Gelderlander" January 16th 2006

Brainclinics / Brainquiry 

Brainclinics / Brainquiry in de uitzending van "De Wereld Draait Door" : Verbetering van de golf prestaties middels "real-life neurofeedback" (click pictue for whole movie)

Brainclinics in de Wereld Draait Door: KLIK HIER voor het fragment             


Michiel Klein Nijenhuis, Martijn Arns & Rien Breteler Oral Presentation, SAN meeting, Swansea: Real-life Neurofeedback: A catalyst of regular neurofeedback approaches through classical conditioning in task-related environments; UK

Rien Breteler, Sabine de Ridder, Anne Monsuwe & Martijn Arns Oral Presentation, SAN meeting, Swansea: The usability of Tele-Neurofeedback: Procedures and results: UK

Martijn Arns Chairman of symposium: New developments in Neurofeedback during SAN meeting, Swansea, UK.

Jay Gunkelman 2 day advanced and hands-on QEEG workshop with Jay Gunkelman: Nijmegen

Martijn Arns Workshop: QEEG, Dyslexia and Real-life Neurofeedback: Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

Martijn Arns 2-day QEEG Interpretation Training: Nijmegen.


Martijn Arns & Rien Breteler

DVD production: Neurofeedback: "The Experts' point of view". Interviews with: Jay Gunkelman, Joel and Judith Lubar, Tom Collura, Michael and Lynda Thompson, Les and Susan Fehmi and Siegfried Othmer by Brainclinics Diagnostics.


Martijn Arns & Rien Breteler Neurofeedback Introductory course, Sydney, Australia.

Martijn Arns & Rien Breteler Neurofeedback Introductory course, Tweedshead, NSW, Australia

Barry Sterman
& Brainclinics
Symposium for Neurologists with Barry Sterman on "EEG Biofeedback and Epilepsy", Nijmegen.

Barry Sterman
& Brainclinics
2-day advanced Neurofeedback Course with Barry Sterman , Nijmegen.

Martijn Arns, Rien Breteler, Berrie Gerrits, Ben Reitsma BFE: 3-day Neurofeedback course.

Rien Breteler, Martijn Arns & Evian Gordon Presentation at the inaugural meeting of the SAN: Neurophysiological and neuropsychological characterisation of 175 unmedicated patients with ADHD: Implications for Neurotherapy, Istanbul, Greece.

Rien Breteler, Michiel Kleinnijenhuis, Desiree Spronk, Erica Heesen & Martijn Arns. Presentation BIAL meeting: Effects of different biofeedback training procedures on quantitative electroencephalographic parameters of healthy subjects. Porto, Portugal.

Jay Gunkelman 1-day workshop on: QEEG, Neurofeedback and consciousness, Nijmegen.

Rien Breteler, Michiel Kleinnijenhuis, Desiree Spronk, Erica Heesen & Martijn Arns. Presentation at BFE meeting: The acquisition of control in self-regulation of Galvanic Skin Response and Slow Cortical Potentials: A randomized trial. Vienna

Michiel Kleinnijenhuis, Martijn Arns & John Rijpma Presentation at BFE meeting: Golf performance enhancement by means of real-life neurofeedback training based on personalized event-locked EEG Profiles, Vienna.

Rien Breteler, Ineke Litjens & Martijn Arns Presentation at Futurehealth meeting: A Comparison of an SMR/Theta protocol and a Broadband inhibition protocol in Peak Performance Training: effects of augmentation vs. suppression? Palm Springs, USA

Thilo Hinterberger. Workshop on Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP), Nijmegen


Martijn Arns, Wytze van der zwaag & Rien Breteler The first 2-day Neurofeedback course in Dutch, Nijmegen.

Brainclinics Article in local newspaper "De Gelderlander": Digital therapy for ADHD and Burnout on Tele-Neurofeedback.

Martijn Arns Chairman Symposium IPEG: The value of normative database and an Integrative Approach to extend insights in psychiatry and Pharmaco-EEGs, Antwerp, Belgium.

Martijn Arns Presentation BIAL meeting: Effects of mobile phone use on brain function, Portugal.


Martijn Arns Presentation at BFE conference: ADHD and Neurofeedback, Amsterdam.

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