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Since 2001 Brainclinics provides expert and personal help for children and adults with mental health, trauma and sleep problems (chronic insomnia, insomnia), as well as children and adults with concentration / attention problems. Through years of treatment and research experience in the field of depression and ADHD, we are nationally and internationally meanwhile seen as a specialized and innovative treatment with groundbreaking treatments such as rTMS.

We provide the following treatment methods:


The below video will show an overview of the different treatments Brainclinics provides (English version).


ADHD, ADD, sleep-problems, insomnia and epilepsy

If you or your child has ADHD, ADD or sleep problems we offer treatment with neurofeedback. Complaints like these - concentration and / or sleeping problems - arise because the brain is not balanced. Neurofeedback Therapy takes care of the complaints at the source (the brain) and can reduce dependence on medication. The psychologist can help you - through this therapy - to exert self-control on the activity in your brains and learn to use other brain activity. Neurofeedback is an effective treatment method that can produce lasting results, so that medication can be reduced or stopped. Click on the link for information on Neurofeedback for ADHD, ADD and sleep disorders.


When you are depressed or if you have feelings of depression, we can treat these depressive complaints with rTMS (magnetic brain stimulation) combined with psychotherapy. This treatment is frequently examined and the final results show that there is an effectiveness of 78% after an average of 21 sessions. This depression treatment can be applied without the use of antidepressants or can even work with clients who do not respond fully to medication. rTMS therapy may also be a good addition for those who want  to reduce antidepressants, and thereby prevent relapse. The medication does not need to be reduced before this treatment can begin! Recently, rTMS is also applied in patients with OCD.

Professional treatment

In our practice, therapists are trained in different academic disciplines of psychology and special education, plus training and courses in (cognitive) behavioral therapy, neurofeedback and rTMS. The therapists follow regular courses to update their knowledge of current and new scientific developments.
Brainclinics works in a multi-disciplinary team of specialists such as a clinical psychologist, GZ-Psychologist, Educational scientist, Biological Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, a medical doctor and rTMS-specialist. Click here to get acquainted with our team. Brainclinics is also an internationally recognized authority in these fields as can be seen from the list of publications and the many presentations, workshops and education provided.




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Brain activity predicts personalized antidepressant treatment
Today results from the large multicenter randomized iSPOT-D study were published in Clinical Neurophysiology demonstrating that brain activity can assist in predicting antidepressant treatment outcome to commonly used antidepressant drugs. In addition, this study clearly demonstrated qualitative differences in brain activity between males and females with depression, with implications for predicting antidepressant treatment outcome.


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