Actiwatch - Actigraphy


Actiwatch (Respironics) is a small, rugged, actigraphy-based, data logger designed for professional, clinical and scientific use.


With the Actiwatch models, you can record a digitally-integrated measure of gross motor activity that can be used to visualize rest activity patterns as well as light-intensity, in order to quantify physical activity or sleep. We have been using the Actiwatch in Psychology Practice Brainclinics for research purposes, but recently we have also started to use these data more and more for clinical purposes as well.


In principle actigraphy employs accelerometers in order to track movement as a measure of activity. In addition light-intensity is tracked (AW2) or light is quantified in the three primary colors (AW Spectrum PLUS: RGB), but most importantly blue light is quantified separately from the other colors. Given that blue light is known to specifically affect the melanopsin receptors and thus influence our circadian clock, makes this an interesting feature which is unique to the Acitwatch products (AW Spectrum PLUS).                                              




Actiwatch Products AW2 Spectrum




You can download here the following Actiwatch brochures with further details:


Actiwatch 2 (AW2)


Actiwatch 2 is a rugged, reliable, and unobtrusive actigraphy device that is ideal if you are just getting started using actigraphy. It is waterproof and equipped with a light sensor and event marker to record when events of significance (like lights-out time) occur. Actiwatch 2 is small and comfortable, making it well-suited for use with children or those sensitive about wearing a wrist-worn device.


The actiwatch 2 comes with: the watch, reader/charger, actiware software for AW2 and actiware software licence.


            Actiwatch AW2      



Complete AW 2 system incl. Actiware and reader € 1.079,00 (Productcode 1350)



Separate AW2 products:

Actiwatch AW2:                                    810,00 euro (productcode 1351)

Actiwatch AW2 reader/charger:           425,00 euro (productcode 1352)

Actiware software for AW2:                 799,00 euro (productcode 1353)

Actiware software for multiple PC's:   299,00 euro (productcode 1354)


Actiwatch Spectrum PLUS (AW Spectrum PLUS)

Actiwatch Spectrum PLUS is equipped with advanced features needed for when you are involved in more demanding research protocols. It is an all-in-one, waterproof device and ideal for those who prefer to wear a wrist-watch. Should a user remove the device during the study, Actiwatch Spectrum PLUS records when it has been removed and for how long. Integrated light sensors provide irradiance and luminous flux recordings in red, green, and blue color bands and a white light measurement in lux.

The actiwatch Spectrum PLUS comes with: the watch, actiware software  and actiware software license.


                   Actiwatch Spectrum - Blue light                                                   


Complete AW Spectrum PLUS system incl. Actiware € 1.349,00 (Productcode 1370)



Separate Spectrum PLUS products:

Actiwatch Spectrum PLUS:                 1.025,00 euro (productcode 1371)

Actiware software for Spectrum PLUS:          799,00 euro (productcode 1353)

Actiware software for multiple PC's:   299,00 euro (productcode 1354)



Actiwatch feature comparison



 Actiwatch 2

 Actiwatch Spectrum PLUS   

Sleep/wake history

Physical activity


Event marker


Ambient light


Colored light


Photopic, RGB 

Off-wrist detection


Time/date display 


Status indicator





Moisture protection