ADHD, sleep and Depression: Treatment, Research and Education


Psychology Practice

Psychology practice Brainclinics is an innovative psychology practice specialized in Neurofeedback treatment for ADHD and insomnia and magnetic brain stimulation also called rTMS for the treatment of Depression. Furthermore, these treatments are embedded with psychotherapy, coaching and social skills trainingThis section of the website provides additional information about the treatment methods rTMS and Neurofeedback as well as different ways to cope with sleep issues and insomnia, but also client experiences and frequently asked questions regarding these treatments. You will also find scientific backgrounds and practical information about Neurofeedback and rTMS. Brainclinics is specialized in therapy and treatment of Depression, sleep-problems, insomnia and ADHD.


Research Institute

After your enrollment at our psychology practice, your visit often begins with a QEEG and Neuropsychological assessment in Research Institute Brainclinics. This assessment is essential in determining a treatment protocol for Neurofeedback treatment and rTMS. Under the Research Institute heading you will also find additional information about the QEEG assessments, our scientific publications and the international iSPOT (International Study to Predict Optimized Treatment) study on ADHD and Depression. The iSPOT-project explores the role of biomarkers obtained from the EEG with Depression and ADHD also called Personalized Medicine. Furthermore, in this section you will find additional information on our new insights into sleep, chronobiology and ADHD as well as our latest results on the association between ADHD and the intensity of the sunlight and ADHD prevention. 



Brainclinics Education was established to share our extensive experience in rTMS, Neurofeedback, sleep problems and QEEG with fellow psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists. Scientific research and publications are conducted from our Research Institute. Brainclinics Education is registered in the Central Register of Vocational Education, is a "BCIA accredited" Neurofeedback training institute and our rTMS, Neurofeedback, sleep and QEEG and Personalized Medicine courses and workshops are accredited by most acknowledged professional organizations such as the NIP, NVvP and VGCT. 


EEG Support

Brainclinics EEG Support is the department where we can advice and support you about products in the Applied Neuroscience field. Over the last 10 years we have gained a lot of experience in this field and we have made a selection of products and services with the highest quality and most appropriate products. We can provide you with EEG-support where necesary and independently advice you further in the field of Applied Neuroscience and Neuromodulation. EEG Support is specialized in rTMS and Neurofeedback equipment, neurosupplies as well as QEEG facilities.



In the Brainclinics community you can register yourself and become a member and thereby gain access to our many scientific publications, powerpoint presentation and other educational materials.

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Association between ADHD and intensity of sunlight
A study published today in Biological Psychiatry sheds new light on the increasing rates (prevalence) of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD. Children with ADHD have problems with inattention, distractibility, disorganization, impulsiveness, and overactivity. This study found that “sunny” regions with high solar intensity, such as the US states of California, Arizona, and Colorado, and countries like Spain and Mexico have lower prevalence of ADHD.

Do Sunny Climates Reduce ADHD?
Today a press-release was distributed by Elsevier titled 'Do Sunny Climates Reduce ADHD?' about our study published in Biological Psychiatry.